6/4/2000 - some construction photos

Photos taken around the Hillsdale Blvd. construction site on 101 in San Mateo.

Another useless pallet (as I remarked previously, this is one of those ubiquitous items you see in inappropriate locations, kind of like traffic cones.)  There is a small sign on the fence...
Uh ok.  Sure thing.
New lane being added to 101 at the Hillsdale exit, looking northbound. (This sign was added a couple of months ago, seems like it's one of the last of these we're going to see, all the new ones are those light green reflectorized things.)
This is the new northbound exit from 101 toward Foster City.  That retaining wall to the left is new.  This has been widened quite a bit, presumably to keep the traffic from backing up onto 101.

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